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For a perfect night out, Go for the Knight-Out 33 feet yacht

Do you wish to experience Dubai waters in a yacht? Would you like to have a party amid nudging waves and soft sea wind? Or are you planning to have a night out with your spouse in the quietness of water in Dubai seas? Whatever the motivation might be, renting a yacht for a night out in sea is a thrilling option to go for. Rent 33 feet yacht Dubai by Dubai Dhow Cruise Marina, for a perfect dinner for two or a small reunion of friends. Night time is not the only time presented for such a memorable experience. You can hire 33 feet yacht Dubai at any given time of the day. You may also take along your kids and friends on a water riding experience on our Knight-out 33 feet yacht at the time most suited for you. Be it an expedition of watching the sunrise in waters or looking for a relaxing moment at sunset, our yacht experience offers you a great deal of privacy and comfort.

Design Features

  • Dubai 33 feet yacht rental offered by Dubai Dhow Cruise Marina has a capacity of 8 people on board. Plus there is one captain and one crew member from our side additional to the 8 members’ capacity. Therefore, you can easily accommodate your family, siblings or children or invite a group of old friends over to have a small party.
  • The yacht has a single saloon with open deck. The saloon is spacious enough to accommodate the members on board easily. Also, the open deck can be covered with a canopy to provide you shade as well as privacy.
  • Complimentary refreshments are served by our side on your trip in the waters of Dubai.
  • If you need to organize a small dinner, lunch or supper party, it is our pleasure to arrange catering services for you and your company on little extra costs. You will find our service tasty and enjoyable.
  • For a little extra cost, you may get the extra benefit of pick up and drop off by an AC van to our yacht. So you may save your time and transport and leave the worries of traveling to the spot with us.
  • The high quality service we provide for this 33 feet yacht costs only AED 350.

Why Choose Dubai 33 feet yacht hire?

The captains and crew we hire at Dubai Dhow Cruise Marina, are well trained in their work. We have an experienced and well-learned team at work, about yacht sailing. We assume that you would find them cooperative and helpful in any task you require. It is a cheerful experience nonetheless. Our yachts are tidy and clean and are checked for maintenance regularly.

Dubai Dhow Cruise Marina hopes to provide you the best possible services. You can hire a 33 feet yacht in Dubai by us for as long as four hours on exclusive charter, though the time limit is 2 hours minimum.