Luxury Yacht

Best Activity in Dubai is Yachting

Dubai is home to many recreations like shopping, yachting, and safari. Do you want to experience Dubai waters in a yacht? Want to have a party yacht? Have a dinner night with your partner? For whatever reason, hire a yacht in Dubai for a night out in sea is the best pick. (Mention your company name here) offers you a chance to have a perfect dinner with a small gathering of people. The yacht is available for any time of the day. We provide you a chance take your kids and friends on water riding experience. Look at the relaxing moment at sunset or watch the sunrise in waters.
Here is the list of different yacht available in Dubai.

33 Feet Yacht

The 33 feet yacht gives you a great deal of privacy and comfort. We offer you a chance to rent a yacht Dubai along with the one captain and a crew member. You can hire a party yacht Dubai and have a small party with friends.


  • The 33 feet yacht offered by (type your company name here) has the capability of having 8 people on board.
  • We provide complimentary refreshments on your expedition in the waters of Dubai.
  • As an added bonus, you might get the benefit of pick and drop off by an AC van to our yacht.

Why Pick 33 Feet Yacht

We hire experienced captains and crew. Our crew is cooperative and helpful in any task that you require. We maintain our yachts in good, neat and clean condition. They are regularly checked for maintenance.

42 Feet Yacht

The 42 feet yacht provides you the comfort level of your home. The additional facilities that this yacht includes a kitchen and a toilet onboard. Rent a yacht Dubai to have a complete yacht experience. The time you spend on this luxury yacht Dubai will be the best time of your life. The small trip in the center of Dubai seas have been made more relaxed and pleasant.


The 42 feet yacht has 2 bedrooms for you to enjoy yachting in the peaceful waters of Dubai.

  • The AC salon seating place let you relax to enjoy the serenity around
  • This yacht has the capacity to have 10 people on board.
  • Flybridge swimming platform is leisure part on the yacht in case you want to have swimming experience.
  • Music system is present to keep you entertained
  • In the case of an accident, you don’t have to worry as this yacht charter in Dubai is fully insured.

What Makes 42 Feet Yacht Special

Hire a yacht in Dubai to experience sea travel. We provide you a chance to have a formal or casual party. A wide range of refreshments is offered, along with soft drinks, coffee, and tea. We can organize catering and live BBQ service, it would cost extra.
This 42 yacht is a party yacht Dubai that is well-built and well-maintained. The abundant services and experience we offer will be worth every penny you paid.

50 Feet Yacht

Another yacht for rent in Dubai is the 50 feet yacht by (mention your company here). This yacht is the best pick for a business meeting and for relaxing afterward. You can relax in the well-appointed rooms. There is a choice between king size bed or twin beds. The 50 feet yacht provides a comfortable and calm environment. The luxury yacht Dubai will make your moment a memorable one as you will be able to enjoy the quiet waters of Dubai. Our staff is highly trained and experienced and will ensure that your adventure on the yacht will be a pleasant one.

55 feet Yacht

If you wish to have a lifetime experience of the rich, 55 feet yacht for rent in Dubai is the suitable pick. Our main objective is to make your yachting experience a beautiful experience. By hiring this yacht, you will have an exotic and extraordinary tour in the middle of the Dubai seas. The qualified captain and crew make sure that your experience is smooth and amusing.


  • We offer 3 bedrooms that are completely furnished and comfortable for you to have a good time with your friends and family.
  • An AC seating area to give you the feeling of home.
  • The yacht has the capability to accommodate 20 guests.
  • We also provide fishing equipment, fish finder, and navigation system on board.

56 Feet Yacht

Hire a yacht in Dubai to have a party with your colleagues, old friends or family. This 56 feet yacht is sophisticatedly designed and fully equipped so you can have a fun and maximum comfort on board. The yacht is spacious you can enjoy walking, stretching or sitting while enjoying the sunlight and beautiful water below.


  • The yacht is equipped with LCD and music system for entertainment purpose
  • The interior is cozy and designed to satisfy the requirements of the guests
  • It has 2 ensuite bedrooms along with spacious dining area
  • Yacht charter in Dubai is completely insured
  • Complimentary refreshments are provided.

62 Feet Yacht

The best yacht for rent in Dubai is 62 feet yacht. This yacht will give a smooth yachting experience. It is neat and clean, fully furnished and fully equipped kitchen. The yacht consists of 3 ensuite bedrooms, which provides you the experience of a luxurious hotel room. Moreover, this yacht is the best pick as it has a spacious lounge with dining area and AC. In case you feel hot outside, you can enjoy the entertainment inside. Our qualified captain and crew make sure you have the best and smooth sailing experience.


  • For you entertainment, there is LCD and music system.
  • Can easily accommodate 25 guests.
  • BBQ grill is also present, so you can have a family BBQ
  • A refrigerator is provided to keep your drinks cool and fresh.

If you want to have a night out with your partner in calm waters of Dubai seas or a party with friends, (type your company name here) is the best yacht rental in Dubai. If you have any suggestions let us know in the comments below.