Dubai: The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly April 24, 2018

Dubai is a place that arouses the curiosity of many people. Dubai has become regarded as a new and innovative place to live in or visit. Most likely you have seen images of skyscrapers made of glass, and modern freeways crossing under and over the city. It all looks so luxurious and exciting. Dubai has many attractions for visitors and prospective residents. There are many interesting things to learn about Dubai. Let’s take time and explore the good, bad and ugly sides of Dubai.

The Good Side of Dubai
Dubai is a quiet and extravagant city. Dubai’s skyline is adorned with glass skyscrapers and glittering apartments. This extravagant city is a made-made paradise. Dubai attracts foreign workers because of its tax-free salaries. This city has warm winters which are attractive to most people. Dubai is a world leader when comes to hosting world-class sports events. Dubai has hosted world-class tennis, golf, cycling, and Formula One events. Famous entertainers like Janet Jackson and Madness have had concerts in Dubai. Elton John and Bryan Adams also have scheduled concerts in Dubai. Dubai’s modern infrastructure makes the city very attractive and convenient. Dubai has an excellent metro system that is efficient and convenient. Dubai’s bus system is equally outstanding. Some of the world’s finest restaurants are in the extravagant city of Dubai. Al Maktoum International Airport, located in Dubai is projected to be the largest airport in the world. Dubai is, also renowned for having some of the most lavish hotels in the world. The famous Atlantis The Palm is known for it extravagant underwater suites. The Palm and Burj Al Arab hotel are, also quite famous in Dubai. The city of Dubai has the world’s largest shopping mall, and Dubai is home to the world’s tallest skyscraper. Dubai undoubtedly has all the modern technology to make your world a paradise.

The Bad Side of Dubai
Dubai is known for being modern, and innovative, but modernization comes with its own set of problems. Dubai is a modern city, so the temperature in Dubai buildings is regulated by air conditioning. Most of the time the air conditioning is set at a very cold temperature. Most cities experience growth over an expanded period, so construction aligns with the city and its residents. Construction in Dubai is built on either side of the enormous newly-constructed, freeways. Navigating the city is extremely difficult because of all the turnpikes and flyovers. If you miss an exit on a freeway in Dubai, you have to drive some kilometers, to the next turnpike, make a U-turn and try all over again. Dubai also has an annoying low humming sound. This low humming comes from the nearby freeway traffic.

The Ugly Side of Dubai
During the financial crisis of 2008, many people left Dubai to find a more stable, prosperous place. When those well-to-do residents left Dubai the inflated and lucrative real estate market collapsed. Many properties lost 40 to 60 percent of their value. Dubai residents who brought lavish beachfront properties were stuck with gigantic mortgages, and no one was interested in buying Dubai property. Dubai’s blue-collar workforce consists of people from India, Pakistan, Sri Lankan, Bangladeshi, and Filipino. They are the laborers that keep Dubai working in prime fashion. This labor force consists of construction workers, cooks, tailors, garbage collectors, cleaners, taxi drivers, gardeners, and more. These laborers make up approximately 70 percent of Dubai’s population. These laborers are seldom spoken of, in Dubai. They are paid very little, and much of their wages are wired back home to help take care of their families. Many workers only get enough money to pay rent in one room that they share with ten other people and a small amount of food. Dubai is a very expensive place to live so this leaves these workers trapped in a cycle of paying rent and taking care of their families. Many of these laborers left toddlers at home. The laborers have not been able to return home, and these toddlers have since grown into teenagers. These laborers are powerless because there are plenty of desperate people who would be happy to take their jobs. If these laborers can’t pay their rent or don’t have a sponsor they will be deported. Many laborers are forced to work multiple shifts, sometimes dangerously, because of these conditions.

These are the conditions that keep the city of Dubai modern, and innovative. Dubai is still thriving and growing. Dubai’s freeways remain crowded and extremely difficult to navigate. Dubai’s hiring practices go on. The city of Dubai is thriving. There are plenty of people coming to Dubai looking for work. There is plenty of money and glitz to attract visitors and new residents. Most residents stay long enough to amass a fortune and move on to settle down in other places.

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Up-and-Comers to Watch in the Dubai Industry February 16, 2018


Dubizzle is known as being the officeholder classifieds site, that is located in the Middle East. It has been able to luckily develop at a short of breath pace since dispatching in Dubai in 2005 and is currently present in 20 MENA urban areas and accessible in English, Arabic, and French. The site’s Dubai and Abu Dhabi segments alone witness 2.5 million month-to-month visits. Which to date, is one of their biggest achievements. Dubizzle has been known as being generally invulnerable to all of the money-related emergencies and the negative aftermath of the Arab Spring. Begun by J.C. Head servant and Sim Whatley, the organization started as an endeavor to furnish ex-pats with a simple to-utilize classifieds stage. The combine propelled the site with just $12,000. This is one company that is for sure on top of things.


Internet business

Like a phoenix from the flares, Jabbar Internet Company rose up out of Yahoos! procurement of Maktoob in 2009. Jabbar is at present claimed by similar organizers of the first Maktoob Group, who after the procurement, chose to turn off the brands that were not gobbled up by Yahoo!. These incorporate a not insignificant rundown of fruitful Middle East-based internet business organizations like Souq, Cobone, Cashu, and Sukar. It is probably going to be a stick-stuffed 2012 for Jabbar’s portfolio as web-based shopping takes off in the area. The gathering is possessed by the present speculators, including US multifaceted investments Tiger Capital and the authors.


Surveys/informal communication

Yadig takes advantage of a similar vein of open activity that toppled Middle East governments in the most recent year. The part informal organization, part surveys webpage, Yadig challenges corporate conduct with its online group. President Saif Al Zarouni, who propelled the site in 2010, says: “We alarm you to the kind of spots you’ll burrow and spare you from the failure of the ones you won’t. We conquer any hindrance between the group and organizations.” He includes that organizations in the district are acting all the more capable and are more touchy to the necessities of shoppers. Acting up organizations have no place to stow away on Yadig.



ArabNet is MENA’s greatest center point for business people in the web business. The company’s yearly summit in Beirut is broadly recognized as the biggest computerized assembling in the locale. It has a stellar reputation for bringing top worldwide speakers to talk about hotly debated issues in the field, and in addition, associating business visionaries with subsidizing. The ArabNet Roadshow likewise holds free preparation workshops for more than 1,500 business visionaries to show them to effectively build up their strategies for success. It has of late expanded its offering with the dispatch of the Developer Program, which interfaces designers with potential work at neighborhood computerized new businesses.


Internet business

MarkaVIP is one of a developing number of web-based shopping locales. The plan of action is demonstrating progressively prominent in the Gulf in the wake of overcoming Europe, Asia, and the US. It offers its individual understood brands at up to 85 for every penny rebates. Essentially, it has more than 330,000 likes on Facebook. MarkaVIP was established in 2010 in Jordan by CEO Ahmed Alkhatib and boss specialized officer Amer Abulaila. Before this wonder, Alkhatib built up the specialized foundation for printed clothing site Zazzle and worked at Amazon and eBay. MarkaVIP has 120 representatives with workplaces in Beirut, Dubai, Amman, Istanbul, Antwerp, and San Francisco.



A genuine up-and-comer for 2012, Gradberry is the Middle East’s online professions entry interfacing understudies, graduates, and businesses. Propelled in November 2011, it has connected with a system of more than 5,000 adolescents over the district and effectively enlisted graduates for multinationals and SMEs in the UAE. The Fruit Bowl, Gradberry’s professional blog, makes a respectable showing with regards to as a vocation look asset for understudies and new graduates. While Gradberry will, at last, contend with Laimoon, and in addition goliaths like Bayt, Dubizzle, and Gulf Talent, it might be of prompt pertinence to SMEs with restricted spending plans for ability obtaining.



On the off chance that you haven’t utilized Cinemoz yet, at that point there’s a decent possibility you may this year. It is one of the Middle East’s first on-request online video suppliers; some have called Cinemoz the district’s response to Hulu. Established by 27-year-old Lebanese-French Karim Safieddine, the administration propelled having secured subsidizing with the assistance of Seeqnce, a Middle Eastern start-up impetus situated in Beirut. Cinemoz demonstrates Arab films, TV arrangements,s, and documentaries, with a long-range informal communication contort, enabling you to share and rate what you’re viewing in your interpersonal organizations. Every nation in MENA is offered a bespoke administration around the substance they see.

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How Dubai Visits Las Vegas the Right Way December 10, 2017

Dubai. It’s a city that evokes pictures of Vegas-like style (short the betting and drinking). Before going by a month ago, my companions portrayed a city as hot, loaded with shopping centers and costly stores, eateries, bunches of ex-pats, and somewhat heartless. “It’s fake and phony like vegas and doesn’t request over a day or two,” they let me know.

However, when individuals instruct me to zig, I generally love to zag, so I chose to burn through five days there, resolved to discover something reclaiming about the city. (I picked a brilliant time to visit as well: an English companion had recently moved to the city, so I had a place to stay and a visit manage!)

Since the workweek in the Arab world keeps running from Sunday to Thursday, I chose to part my stumble into two: the initial three days would be with my companion seeing the new, global Dubai, trailed by two days investigating old Dubai while she worked.

Given that Dubai is a Middle Eastern city with strict laws about bad habits, I didn’t envision there’d be excessive “insanity” there. My trek would be smooth, spent by the pool and in calm lodging bars and universal eateries.

I was off-base!

“New” Dubai stunned me by how greased up with liquor it was. From the custom of Friday informal breakfast (more on that later) to the tumbledown alcoholics in bars, the 2-for-1 specials, and unending upbeat hours, to the Escorts in Vegas I was amazed at what amount of celebrating there was in a city that lone permitted liquor in extremely restricted forms.1 Everywhere you went, drinking — and toasting and Escorts in Vegas overabundance — was common.2

As it were, Dubai helped me to remember the most expat-overwhelming spots on the planet along with Las Vegas Escorts at Runway Escorts. It appears at whatever point urban areas draw in a considerable measure of nonnatives from different countries around the globe, they in the huge sections have a tendency to live in a little liquor-filled air pocket — setting off to a little choice of eateries, bars, and neighborhoods, regularly with sparse connection with local people. They carry on with a pseudo-Western way of life. I saw it in Bangkok, Taipei, and Hong Kong.

I was seeing it now in Dubai as well.

I think this has a considerable measure to do with the way that you’re in a culture you will dependably have pariah status in, that the majority of your new companions are met by means of work and will likely leave in a couple of years, and on the grounds that there’s a feeling that it is all transitory and phony. It’s not genuine living. It’s this little world we live in the present moment — an air pocket — so for what reason not have a ton of fun?

Take informal breakfast, for instance. In the greater part of the world, it’s a late breakfast with a few mimosas or Bloody Marys. Without a doubt, it’s an opportunity to cut somewhat free at the end of the week, however, it’s a controlled occasion. In Dubai, it’s a throughout the day, whatever you-can-eat-and-drink drinking spree. More than that, it is a custom. A convention. “Have you encountered early lunch?” individuals would inquire. “You can’t come to Dubai and not early lunch. It’s a piece of the city’s way of life!” (By that I think they implied ex-pat culture!)

It’s not modest (250-700 AED, or $68-190 USD), so they influence the most out of it. I’ve once in a while observed individuals drink such a great amount in so couple of hours. When we touched base at the bars later at night, I saw developed grown-ups scarcely shielding themselves from tumbling down in a way that would make even the most fervent spring breakers flinch.

“New” Dubai resembled an option reality that existed inside the lodgings and bars. The nearby moderate culture didn’t make a difference there. Apparently, no tenets did.

Along these lines, when Sunday moved around and my companion headed out to work, I was eager to investigate “old” Dubai, set on the Dubai stream, and get a look at nearby life. In this piece of town, there weren’t any high rises, ex-pats, or Western stores — just mosques, markets, little eateries, and shops. The charm and inn bars and shopping centers appeared a world away. I could take a dhow over the stream, eat modest sustenance, blend with local people, and get a feeling of the everyday pace of the city.

Investigating the Dubai Museum, the gold markets, and the Jumeirah Mosque; wheeling and dealing in the neighborhood slows down, and wondering about the to some degree solidly dark-colored engineering, I had a feeling that I was in the Middle East. Following three days, it was the first occasion when I had a feeling that I was someplace outside.

However, while I delighted in observing “old” Dubai, the city, in general, didn’t generally excite me. I also admired the Las Vegas Escorts at Runway Escorts

In any case, I’m not prepared to discount Dubai yet. There’s still a greater amount of Dubai to see and investigate. I didn’t make it into the abandoned, missed various attractions, and the abusive August warmth made it difficult to meander the city’s boulevards and rear ways. It is also known as the Best in the business.

Dubai is as yet a riddle to me. I can’t wrap my head around it and am resolved to return, turn over more stones, and get under this present city’s skin.

Be that as it may, one thing is for sure – this city is more than a stopover goal and is the Best in the business!

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