Dubai: The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly April 24, 2018

Dubai is a place that arouses the curiosity of many people. Dubai has become regarded as a new and innovative place to live in or visit. Most likely you have seen images of skyscrapers made of glass, and modern freeways crossing under and over the city. It all looks so luxurious and exciting. Dubai has many attractions for visitors and prospective residents. There are many interesting things to learn about Dubai. Let’s take time and explore the good, bad and ugly sides of Dubai.

The Good Side of Dubai
Dubai is a quiet and extravagant city. Dubai’s skyline is adorned with glass skyscrapers and glittering apartments. This extravagant city is a made-made paradise. Dubai attracts foreign workers because of its tax-free salaries. This city has warm winters which are attractive to most people. Dubai is a world leader when comes to hosting world-class sports events. Dubai has hosted world-class tennis, golf, cycling, and Formula One events. Famous entertainers like Janet Jackson and Madness have had concerts in Dubai. Elton John and Bryan Adams also have scheduled concerts in Dubai. Dubai’s modern infrastructure makes the city very attractive and convenient. Dubai has an excellent metro system that is efficient and convenient. Dubai’s bus system is equally outstanding. Some of the world’s finest restaurants are in the extravagant city of Dubai. Al Maktoum International Airport, located in Dubai is projected to be the largest airport in the world. Dubai is, also renowned for having some of the most lavish hotels in the world. The famous Atlantis The Palm is known for it extravagant underwater suites. The Palm and Burj Al Arab hotel are, also quite famous in Dubai. The city of Dubai has the world’s largest shopping mall, and Dubai is home to the world’s tallest skyscraper. Dubai undoubtedly has all the modern technology to make your world a paradise.

The Bad Side of Dubai
Dubai is known for being modern, and innovative, but modernization comes with its own set of problems. Dubai is a modern city, so the temperature in Dubai buildings is regulated by air conditioning. Most of the time the air conditioning is set at a very cold temperature. Most cities experience growth over an expanded period, so construction aligns with the city and its residents. Construction in Dubai is built on either side of the enormous newly-constructed, freeways. Navigating the city is extremely difficult because of all the turnpikes and flyovers. If you miss an exit on a freeway in Dubai, you have to drive some kilometers, to the next turnpike, make a U-turn and try all over again. Dubai also has an annoying low humming sound. This low humming comes from the nearby freeway traffic.

The Ugly Side of Dubai
During the financial crisis of 2008, many people left Dubai to find a more stable, prosperous place. When those well-to-do residents left Dubai the inflated and lucrative real estate market collapsed. Many properties lost 40 to 60 percent of their value. Dubai residents who brought lavish beachfront properties were stuck with gigantic mortgages, and no one was interested in buying Dubai property. Dubai’s blue-collar workforce consists of people from India, Pakistan, Sri Lankan, Bangladeshi, and Filipino. They are the laborers that keep Dubai working in prime fashion. This labor force consists of construction workers, cooks, tailors, garbage collectors, cleaners, taxi drivers, gardeners, and more. These laborers make up approximately 70 percent of Dubai’s population. These laborers are seldom spoken of, in Dubai. They are paid very little, and much of their wages are wired back home to help take care of their families. Many workers only get enough money to pay rent in one room that they share with ten other people and a small amount of food. Dubai is a very expensive place to live so this leaves these workers trapped in a cycle of paying rent and taking care of their families. Many of these laborers left toddlers at home. The laborers have not been able to return home, and these toddlers have since grown into teenagers. These laborers are powerless because there are plenty of desperate people who would be happy to take their jobs. If these laborers can’t pay their rent or don’t have a sponsor they will be deported. Many laborers are forced to work multiple shifts, sometimes dangerously, because of these conditions.

These are the conditions that keep the city of Dubai modern, and innovative. Dubai is still thriving and growing. Dubai’s freeways remain crowded and extremely difficult to navigate. Dubai’s hiring practices go on. The city of Dubai is thriving. There are plenty of people coming to Dubai looking for work. There is plenty of money and glitz to attract visitors and new residents. Most residents stay long enough to amass a fortune and move on to settle down in other places.

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